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Barting develops, designs and integrates smart manufacturing solutions for small and medium factories to achieve business goals of its clients with the best technology solutions.
Over 10 years in industry and 150 satisfied clients makes us experts

We Invest in the Future

We believe the future of manufacturing is smart. It is the reason we invest in creating the best possible technology solutions that fit the needs of our clients. Our expertise and knowledge enable us to offer efficient and cost effective solutions to complex issues that manufacturers often experience in production.

Over 10 years we have successfully helped over 150 clients to keep up the pace with the technology. Our goal is to understand your business, find the solution that will add you the most value and implement it with highest care for your production processes.


We implement predictive maintenance solutions.



We engineer, design, develop and integrate hardware and software you need.


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Smart, Technology and Innovation is Our Culture

Our Team

Main values we cherish are expertise, precision and creativity. To be able to promise these values to our clients and help them achieve success:

  • We constantly invest in knowledge of our engineers and technicians.
  • We don’t compromise on the quality of solutions.
  • The synergy of forward, creative thinking and technology enables us to constantly innovate and deliver added value on each investment.

Bojan Bartonicek

Chief Executive Officer

Luka Bartonicek

Chief Innovation & Technology Officer

Zoran Gluhak

Senior Automation Manager

Matija Kras

Automation Engineer

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Our Latest Project

We helped Frag adhesives understand the quality of adhesive and apply the right one for a bottle label.

For Frag adhesive factory we developed laboratory measuring device based on Industry 4.0 principles. We performed quality analysis of produced adhesive after continuous data collection. Results were available in real time through visualization software.

Before the main issue was that production based on expert experience and they couldn’t pinpoint why labels peel of from a client’s product. They received complains about the quality of adhesive. We collected data from sensors which measured force, position and how fast the label detached from a product. The analysis enabled them to precisely detect location and cause for label detachment.   


The analysis showed that adhesive quality was good but wasn’t fit for that type of label. Frag provided appropriate glue for their clients product. This way the problem was simply solved and supported with the data. Frag managed to improve their service to the client, who is now able to provide better quality to their market.  

Now the client understands why is this happening and is able to warn their clients if label isn’t appropriate or they should use other type of adhesive for that type of label before delivering products to be put on the market.

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